HKF News & Media

Horse & Hound: 09/Feb/2023

"Hello πŸ‘‹. Following a fantastic PetPlan Festival in Netherton Equestrian, H&H decided to publish this photo, about this great team. Congratulations to both Elisabeth and Kermit The Frog. Thank you. Hugo"

Kinross Comunity Council Newsletter: 28/Jun/2022

"Hello πŸ‘‹. Another publication came out this month, Kinross Community Council Newsletter with the front page by HKF Photography. Very proud, once again for supporting my local community via photographs. Thank you. Hugo"

The Showing Journal: 16/May/2022

"Hello πŸ‘‹. Another publication came out this month, The Showing Journal, with 9 photos by HKF Photography. Very proud, once again, for seeing so many photos from all these handlers/riders, from another great showing competition held in such a fantastic venue, Netherton Equestrian. 

More to come, I’m sure. 

Thank you to everyone that made this possible. Hugo"

Horse & Hound: 12/May/2022

"Hello πŸ‘‹. Once again HKF Photography is very proud of having photos on another publication of the Horse & Hound, following the fantastic Spring Showing Show held on 01/May in Netherton Equestrian.

Thank you."

The Press and Journal: 23/Apr/2022

"HKF is again proud to be, in this instance, on The Press and Journal, following such fantastic event, held in Netherton Equestrian."

Horse & Hound: 20/Jan/2022

"We’re very proud to be in another Horse & Hound publication (Page 2), with another photo showing a lovely partnership, taken in a fantastic venue, Netherton Equestrian, for such a renowned brand TopSpec."

Horse & Hound: 23/Dec/2021

"Lovely article on the latest H&H’s publication, of a very inspirational rider, who have achieved so much. We are all looking forward to seeing Joanna out competing again soon.

Photo courtesy of HKF."